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13 Nov


About-Face explores the gender reversal of a heterosexual real-life couple. The story follows their tryst with gender-neutral clothes rather interestingly as they are first shot individually and then gradually progress to couple shots. Soon enough, they find themselves in a completely different footing than in real life....
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7 Nov


Odyl is portrayal of a man simply allowing himself to be at his glamourous best, beyond the so-called gender of his clothes. While the result stunned and inspired us, the unexpected was gender-shaming insults hurled at our subject as those shots were coming to life...
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30 Oct


Phosphorescence is a visual experiment of putting a quintessential ‘feminine’ silhouette on a male. Would it specifically evoke femininity or would it take on a unique, raw form completely signature to the person donning it?...
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23 Oct

Bonny Men

Muscular arms, pumped chest, beefy shoulders, six-pack abs are some of the adjectives the mighty World Wide Web would throw at you if searched for ‘Attributes of Real Men’. You can imagine then why it was so tempting to bring Bonny Men to life ...
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4 Oct


For years now the classic male formal attire is suits – the black suit, the brown suit, the grey one and the blue. It is a norm widely accepted in all walks of the society across the world. Narcoleptic is aportrayal of a sense of drudgery developed over years and years of archetypal male attire of power and authority. ...
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30 Sep


Donnybrook is an ode to a woman who embodies the true meaning of gender fluidity in real life. In a world full of perplexing ideas, it’s quite an accomplishment to understand one’s true self and have the courage and genuinity to live that truth every day...
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17 Sep


To a blind eye, gender is an adult topic. The childhood, on the other hand, is a carefree sanctorum of sheltered years before one grows up to face the vagaries of the big, bad world. The thought behind Whippersnappers is to put people in a gender-flipped happy-go-lucky mood and observe if it would be any different than doing so in an adult environment....
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