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About-Face explores the gender reversal of a heterosexual real-life couple. The story follows their tryst with gender-neutral clothes rather interestingly as they are first shot individually and then gradually progress to couple shots. Soon enough, they find themselves in a completely different footing than in real life.
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About Us

Welcome to NavyBrown.

We are a fashion content house that produces high-impact visual imagery for brand campaigns, editorials, advertorials and influencer platforms. We provide start-to-finish capsules that include conceptualising, casting, shooting and production of all fashion content. Our speciality is creating engaging visual stories, which help brands project a unique voice in today’s dynamic fashion landscape.

We are image-makers who are constantly attempting to reprogram and challenge the existing fashion and creative voice through our original visual stories. NavyBrown is also a collaborative space for innovative artists to create a library of work that provokes a dialogue on pressing topics and social issues of our times.

If you are an artist and you want to know more about how you can collaborate with us to create some new-wave work, please visit BrownLabs.