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13 Nov



About-Face explores the gender reversal of a heterosexual real-life couple. The story follows their tryst with gender-neutral clothes rather interestingly as they are first shot individually and then gradually progress to couple shots.

Soon enough, they find themselves in a completely different footing than in real life. What makes these images come to life is their honesty to explore and bring to the fore the inherent male and female aspects of their personalities rather than enact it out for the sake of a picture. This authenticity lends to a fair sense of balance as well as a subtle role-reversal in some of the shots. If not observed minutely, one can almost miss that subtle shift in exploring the opposite gender.

The story features:

Lekha Washington –Actor, Director – AJJI Odd Products
Metallic Floor Coat and Trousers by Dhruv Kapoor
Pablo Chaterji – Editor, Man’s World
Metallic Pink Oversize Brando Jacket by Dhruv Kapoor
Dress by Maria Iqbal
Crop top by Huemn
Corset Belt by Dhruv Kapoor 

About-Face is one of the stories within the ongoing Beatnik series- imagery touching upon the subject of gender neutrality. To view the entire series, please go to the Beatnik page

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