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30 Oct



Phosphorescence is a visual experiment of putting a quintessential ‘feminine’ silhouette on a male.

Would it specifically evoke femininity or would it take on a unique, raw form completely signature to the person donning it? Do clothes come with their own gender stamp or do they have the ability to shatter so-called form norms to blend into the persona of the wearer? Can ‘men’ carry off ‘frilly’ socks without looking ‘feminine’? Red leather gloves without looking ‘foxy’?

The story features:

Lakshya Lathar – Model
Shimma Tear Dress by Nor Black Nor White
Shoes by Pernia X Scentra.

Phosphorescence is one of the stories within the ongoing Beatnik series- imagery touching upon the subject of gender neutrality. To view the entire series, please go to the Beatnik page

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