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About-Face explores the gender reversal of a heterosexual real-life couple. The story follows their tryst with gender-neutral clothes rather interestingly as they are first shot individually and then gradually progress to couple shots. Soon enough, they find themselves in a completely different footing than in real life.
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23 Oct

Bonny Men

Bonny Men

Muscular arms, pumped chest, beefy shoulders, six-pack abs are some of the adjectives the mighty World Wide Web would throw at you if searched for ‘Attributes of Real Men’. You can imagine then why it was so tempting to bring Bonny Men to life. This story unapologetically attempts at breaking widely-accepted norms of what ‘real’ men are known to be. These pictures bring to life the subtlety, vulnerability and beauty of a man.

Who says then that blushed cheeks, flowers in dishevelled hair and slender waist do not a real man make!

The story features:

TJ Singh – Runway and Commercial Model
Crop Top by ILK  

The Bonny Men is one of the stories within the ongoing Beatnik series- imagery touching upon the subject of gender neutrality. To view the entire series, please go to the Beatnik page

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