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4 Oct



For years now the classic male formal attire is suits – the black suit, the brown suit, the grey one and the blue. It is a norm widely accepted in all walks of the society across the world.

Narcoleptic is a portrayal of a sense of drudgery developed over years and years of archetypal male attire of power and authority. They have, infact, also become a reflection of women in power in the corporate world for a while now. Simple, straight lines that are meant to reflect a goal-oriented mindset and discipline.

What happens when we look beyond these straight lines and perfect fits?

The story features:

Doyel Joshi – Designer/ Model/Entrepreneur, NYC
Egyptian Giza Cotton shirt by SSHOMME Deconstructed suits are stylist’s own.

Narcoleptic is one of the stories within the ongoing Beatnik series- imagery touching upon the subject of gender neutrality. To view the entire series, please go to the Beatnik page

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