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30 Sep



Donnybrook is an ode to a woman who embodies the true meaning of gender fluidity in real life. In a world full of perplexing ideas it’s quite an accomplishment to understand one’s true self and have the courage and genuinity to live that truth every day. Durga, our protagonist simply succumbs to how her body feels every single day – be it that of a man or a woman, and some days, neither.

Donnybrook celebrates the male spirit of a female body – ready to break all glass ceilings. We put her in classic ‘male’ attire and she fused with it just like the art she creates.

The story features:

DurgaGawde – Fine Artist, Welder, Sculptor
SSENTRIC trigonous printed silk suit and Egyptian Giza Cotton shirt by SSHOMME 

Donnybrook is one of the stories within the ongoing Beatnik series- imagery touching upon the subject of gender neutrality. To view the entire series, please go to the Beatnik page

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